10 things to do after switching to mac – from Windows/Linux for developers

These are the 10 tools I installed on day 1 with my Mac. I migrated from LinuxMint 14. Actually there are 11 tools. I didn’t like installing the 11th one but there is no escaping it.

1. Java. The good old java.

2. SmartSVN The free version is sufficient for most users but for real use the pro version is a must. If you want a native (Mac only) client, go with Cornerstone2.

3. RubyMine: Ruby Development.

4. WebStrorm: JavaScript

5. MySQL Client: mySQL workbench is free and works great. I have used it on Windows 7 for an year and 2 years on Linux Mint. If you like a Mac only version SequelPro is the best. It is also free. For me the decision was based on familiarity.

6. Homebrew

Helps you install most of the free software, just like apt-get or yum. Check my other blog entry on how to install it and use it.

7. TextWrangler

Not a perfect replacement for TextPad, Notepad++ or UltraEdit but something better the inbuilt text editor.

8. iTerm2

Better terminal. I am yet to figure out why it is better than the inbuilt one.  But many others suggested this tool… so there must be something …

9. Apache2

I run multiple ruby servers and they all need to share cookies this helps.

This is not available in the default brew. Run these commands

brew tap djl/homebrew-apache2

brew install djl/apache2/apache24

10. ImageMagick

This is the image manipulation library we use.

brew install imagamagick

and number 11.

install Apple XCode4 to make other things work, including brew.


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