Start button on Windows8 – ClassicShell

There are so many questions that will lead you to ClassicShell.

Here are the ones I can think of

1. Bring sanity to Windows 8

2. Help my mom/grand parents use Windows 8

3. The vendors like Dell, HP only sell laptops with Windows 8. How can I become productive with Windows 8?

4. There are a lot of tools like PokkiStart8 and a few others. They are good but add their own load of crap in free versions. I already paid $40 for Windows 8, I don’t want to pay these guys again. I deserve a usable Windows 8 at no additional cost. Is there a free solution to get back Start button?

5. I understand Microsoft wants to die on its own terms, but I need to survive until I find an alternative for Windows 8. Help me.

6. What are the alternatives for Pokki and Start8?

7. I am a single mom. My kid is crying. I need to login into my desktop quickly.

8. I am an old dog. Help me not learn the new tricks.

9. Help me not swear at Microsoft for hiding the Shutdown button.

10. Need the Start Button.

Here is our Start Button with ClassicShell.



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