Best/Free music storage site with streaming: Cloud Storage for Music

One Line

Google Play or Music

The long story

 Music/Video streaming is different from simple storage. We are talking about streaming here.

Google Play 

Free Capacity: 20,000 ( Yes, that is 20 thousand)
Player OS/Browser Support: All
Upload App: Supports Win, Mac and Linux
Ease of Use: It just works

The nearest competition is Amazon Cloud Player

Free Capacity: mere 200  ( 2 hundred)
Player OS/Browser Support: Does not work in Chrome.
Upload App: No Linux
Ease of Use: Ok

There are few alternatives mentioned in this page.. unfortunately its just a page filler with not-worth-wasting-ur-time alternatives.

Some of the limitations with the alternatives ( w/ free account)

  • Limits the bit rate to low quality.
  • Limited # of songs, in hundreds
  • Limit on the storage 1 or 2 GB. Means you can’t upload more quality ..long songs
  • Uploading songs from non Win/Mac is a pain

Note: Music/Video streaming is different from simple storage. When it comes to storage there is no simple/better
alternative than Dropbox. Everybody is waiting for Dropbox to add streaming functionality now that they acquired a
streaming company.

When it comes to video streaming … its the one : YouTube.

Microsoft XBox Music

That is what I could figure out as Microsoft’s streaming offer. From the website you do not know if it works without an XBox device.


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