Internet Provider options in San Jose


What? where are the options?. Here they are and but pretty useless to know anyway.
Comcast is one of the top 1% companies with a worst rating on yelp, still they are the only game in town. And also 64 reviewers from ~ 1,000,000 (1 Million) San Jose residents is an ignore-able percentage.

– AT&T

For 12 MBPS – $30 per month, $75 for equipment, $150 for installation.

They said they now offer the connection over fiber optic cable in 95120 zip code.
They have a bunch of phone/DSL options.

– Sonic.Net
They are on wikipedia . It was good to know
they are 6,738 wire feet from my address. For upto 20 MBPS over ADSL it is $39.99. Who pays
for the 1.27 miles of phone cable?.

– Verizon
who? what?. FIOS?. 150 MBPS?. It is relevant only in some states in the east coast.

– HughesNet
good for people living in forests, permanently.

Important Note: Some news paper agencies/independent journalists in California filed a case and successfully lost against cable/internet service providers to make the later disclose their service areas. I cannot find the case details online. cable/internet service providers convinced the judge that(service area) information is a business secret and it costs them a fortune in research to develop service areas, disclosing where all they laid their cables will make the competition simply follow them and compete.

As a result nobody can know exactly who are all the service providers in a given area, until one calls the provider or goes to their website and enters the address.


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