Time to switch from Windows 7 to Linux (Mint)

I officially migrated to Linux Mint 11 from windows 7 Ultimate. It is quite impressive. I have tried Ubuntu at least once every year for the last 6 years but never really stuck with it. I think, this time I am going stick with it.

Linux Mint is neat and does everything I need.

Some of the things I liked over windows
1. Software Manager ( Think of it as Apple app store)
No need to hunt for software and then sweat out the installation details.
2. The interface looks a million bucks (!remember, it is 100% FREE software)
3. Shutsdown and comes up really quickly
It is amazing that for the first time Linux looked a lot simpler than Windows. For example, check out the control panel below.

Over the years Windows got so bulky and difficult to use and Linux did just the opposite.


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